5 Of The Best Honda Motorcycles You Can Buy (That

The long reigning king of touring bikes is the Honda Goldwing. The bikes are huge, comfortable, and tailormade for the long haul. The Goldwings of yore had massive fairing and windshields that would make a passenger airliner jealous. Those tourers carry with them a certain amount of retro charm, and many people still ride them today. The current iteration of the Goldwing is much sleeker, pulling more from a video game aesthetic than classic motorcycling. 

The 2023 Goldwing comes standard with a 1,833cc six-cylinder engine, which may sound a little too extravagant, but the bike weighs over 800 pounds without a rider and sits on double wishbone suspension. That means all the power translates to a smooth ride and comfort that’s also not a missile. 

Cadillacs from decades past had giant V8s for unhurried power delivery instead of straight line speed, while simultaneously not falling on its face when faced with a challenge. The Goldwing follows the same concept. Throw in Apple CarPlay, saddle boxes, and a seat for a passenger, and you have bona fide road trip machine. 

5 Of The Best Honda Motorcycles You Can Buy (That

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