Baseball Bats for Sale: Free Shipping Over $99!

Baseball bats come in various sizes and weights to accommodate all ages and leagues. Since the bat is an essential tool that every ballplayer will use, picking the right one is crucial. The first things to consider when choosing your bat are age and what league you’ll be playing in. T-ball bats are small, light, inexpensive, and made of lower-quality materials because they’re meant to be used in the most introductory baseball league. Other baseball bat types include youth/little league, big barrel, USSSA, BBCOR, and wooden. With the exception of wooden bats, baseball bats are made of aluminum and vary in their materials and measurements.

Some of the most popular brands of bats include DeMarini, Easton, Rawlings, Louisville Slugger, and Marucci. Different leagues will often have different standards for the composition and length-to-weight difference or drop. For example, if a bat is 30 inches long and weighs 20 ounces, its drop is -10. Be sure to check league requirements before buying a new bat. Adult and some senior leagues may require bats have no more than a -3 drop, whereas lower leagues allow for greater drops. Wood baseball bats usually appear in adult and pro leagues and don’t go below -3 drops.

Baseball Bats for Sale: Free Shipping Over $99!

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