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Custom Fitness Towels | Branded Rally Towels | Wholesale Gym Towels

There are numerous reasons for adding your company logo or custom message to a sports towel. Perhaps you’re sponsoring a 5K or a marathon and want to provide cooling towels to runners at the finish line. They can also make excellent giveaway items for sports teams at any level, from high school to college to the pros. Gyms, yoga studios, sports apparel retailers, campus bookstores, golf pro shops, beachside resorts, parks, and more will all find our fitness and rally towels to be a perfect fit as promotional products. Shop our collection today!

Promotional Sports Towels | Custom Rally Towels | Personalized Fitness Towels

Different Types of Promotional Rally Towels & Custom Fitness Towels Bulk Rally Towels & Branded Athletic Towels – Features Customized Rally & Fitness Towels with Logos

Different Types of Promotional Rally Towels & Custom Fitness Towels

From custom golf towels to personalized rally towels and beyond, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. All of our promotional sweat towels, custom gym towels, rally towels, and fitness towels can be customized with your logo design to create a product that puts your brand’s best face forward.

Custom Rally Towels

Our company logo rally towels provide a fair amount of absorbency but are smaller than fitness towels. They are often thinner and primarily designed for cheering on a team or player at a sporting event. In a pinch, they can also be used to help competitors and spectators stay dry and comfortable.

Promotional Fitness Towels

Our wholesale fitness towels with logos are a popular choice with pool and gym owners and others who want to add a bit of style to clients’ everyday workouts. Designed for repeated use, these towels wash well and can withstand disinfection in hot water. They’re often thicker than rally towels and tend to be a bit longer.

Company Logo Sports Towels

We have many promotional towel giveaway items that are perfect for the athletic crowd. Whether they’re waved in the stands, employed on the sidelines, or given away as special promotions, our custom sports towels are always a hit. In addition to our promotional golf towels, we have imprinted towels that are relevant to many specific sports. These include:

Wholesale Gym Towels & Custom Workout Towels

Those who practice yoga, aerobics, pilates, and even in-home workout routines such as weightlifting will find our promotional workout towels and company logo gym towels to be very useful items. By imprinting or embroidering such a custom towel with your logo or sign, your business can ensure that it makes impressions on users every time they engage in their exercise activity of choice. They’ll advertise your business to everyone in attendance, including potential clients.

Custom Novelty Rally Towel Products

Sometimes the best way to make a lasting impression is to customize your promotional products with a fun design. This is where our novelty sports towels come in. Our custom shape spirit towels can be ordered in many unique shapes. We even have personalized sports jersey towels, allowing users to speak an unmistakable statement about their fandom!

Looking for something truly unique? Our selection of promotional light up towels is sure to help your business stand out. These rally towels are great for parties, nighttime races, and other times when you want to illuminate the dark and excite fans. They’re a great way to create & boost team spirit at an affordable price.

Bulk Rally Towels & Branded Athletic Towels – Features

There are many special features that distinguish our different kinds of rally and fitness towels from one another. Some are aspects involving style, while others are related to safety, function, or intended user groups. Whether you’re looking for a super soft custom towel, rally towels for vigorous exercise, or a fun towel for yoga sessions, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Personalized Colorful Rally Towels & Gym Towels

Color is a great way to grab attention, especially when you find a shade that’s a perfect complement to your logo design. That’s the idea behind our custom colorful sports towels. Rally towels that match the home team’s colors or gym towels that effectively accent your logo can go far in getting and keeping the attention of your target audience. On the other hand, we also have bulk white gym towels. Either can be handed out as a reusable promo product for customers who choose to join a gym or as a unique athletic gear giveaway at your next business event.

Promotional Signature Rally Towels

It takes just the right item to properly commemorate a special event. This could be something along the lines of winning a sports championship, a company picnic or teambuilding function, or the successful completion of a sports day camp or fantasy camp. In any of these scenarios, there are few items that can speak to the moment quite like our custom signature school spirit rally towels. Reach out to us by phone, email, or live chat if you have questions as to how to submit signatures, uploading artwork, or when/how these items will be delivered.

Wholesale Antimicrobial Sport Towels

When the focus is on keeping users staying safe and clean while keeping fit, branded antimicrobial gym towels are a natural choice to wipe away wetness. These custom sport towels are treated to prevent the growth of mildew, mold, fungus, and bacteria. They’re a great way to promote your business while arming users with towels that stand up to use under heavy wiping conditions.

Custom Odor Resistant Sport Towels

There aren’t many people around who enjoy the smell of sweat or a towel that’s been sitting in it. That’s why promotional odor resistant towels are such popular promotional products. These custom fitness towels are easily washable and designed to block out and prevent the growth of agents that can cause unpleasant odors after use. These rally towels offer excellent longevity without taking on the odors that can result from cleaning off a sweaty body or sitting in storage prior to washing. Some are available with free shipping, so be sure to check this page often.

Customized Rally & Fitness Towels with Logos

Obviously, the best way to make a custom rally towel, promotional gym towel, or any other giveaway item to build brand awareness is to include a personalized logo design. Our rally towels make for creative giveaways for any event and can even be used as a memorable wedding gift! There are a few different branding methods used to personalize rally and fitness towels.

Company Logo Printed Rally Towels & Custom Logo Printed Fitness Towels

When looking for a quick and affordable way to customize your giveaway items, our imprinted rally towels with logos and wholesale logo imprinted fitness towels are both great options for your money. Imprinted logos tend to be the most affordable design choice and also have some of the shortest production times. Logo imprinting can be done in one color, multiple colors, or even in full color. Full color logo printing produces photographic quality results at a high rate of speed.

Personalized Embroidered Rally Towels & Logo Embroidered Fitness Towels

Custom embroidered rally spirit towels and personalized embroidered gym fitness & gym towels are also very popular. On these items, your company logo design is stitched right into the fabric in a variety of colors. It creates a three dimensional design with a sophisticated and highly professional look.

Promotional Dye Sublimation Sports Towels

Looking for promotional rally towels that are fully customizable? If so, our custom dye sublimation sports towels are a perfect match. These rally and fitness towels offer surfaces that can be completely customized with your branded designs from one end to the other.

Custom Fitness Towels

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