Platinum Sun

Platinum Sun is a unique and stylish water sport and healthy lifestyle brand that prides itself on building style, function and endurance into each product. The Miami sun, beaches and fun inspire us to live life to the fullest. As passionate water-sport enthusiasts and instructors, we ensure our clothing and accessories have anticipated our customers’ needs while in the water and beside it. With artistic designs and fashion in mind, we ensured style isn’t sacrificed to achieve mobility, security and comfort. Both men and women find innovative, functional clothing they can rock on a variety of water adventures. Whether you’re in search of rash guards, wetsuits, neoprene jackets, leggings or a sports bra, Platinum Sun offers wardrobe additions sure to last season after season, no matter how hard you go. Because we’re amphibious too, we ensure that our clothing is designed for the nuances of water sports. We’ve worked to achieve garments with no-slip technology that won’t stretch out or fade. Kitesurfers love our neoprene jackets with holes for harness hooks and drainage. We know that women want to feel secure and covered yet stay sexy and stylish. Platinum Sun always pushes to strike that perfect balance. Passion led us to move beyond sports apparel to offer accessories to complete an active lifestyle. Our yoga mats were designed to unlock new levels of peace, flexibility, strength, and individuality in yogis of all types. We also offer an expanding line of water-sport accessories. Water sports, health and yoga are on our brain 24/7, so we stay inspired. Platinum Sun continually pushes out new designs and innovations for an active lifestyle in sports apparel that turns heads.

Platinum Sun

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