Report: Tom Brady’s tablet-throwing antics prompted NFL-wide memo

Report: Brady’s tablet-throwing antics prompted a league-wide memo originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Apparently Tom Brady put the NFL on high alert regarding the mistreatment of Microsoft Surface tablets.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback broke not one but two tablets last Sunday against the New Orleans Saints in bouts of frustration, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported.

And as a result of Brady’s antics, the NFL sent out a league-wide memo this week warning players that they could face “significant fines” if they break tablets or other league-issued equipment going forward, per FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer.

Week 2 wasn’t the first time Brady spiked a tablet — nor the first time he’s prompted a response from the NFL. The league sent Brady a warning last season after he chucked a tablet in a Week 15 loss to those same Saints.

The 45-year-old was somewhat remorseful about his latest outburst earlier this week.

“I’ve had a pretty bad record against that tablet, unfortunately,” Brady told Jim Gray on his “Let’s Go!” podcast. “I think I forgot the password and I couldn’t log in, so those things can be frustrating.

“Unfortunately, the tablet just happens to get in the way, and obviously that’s the reason things weren’t going great [against the Saints], so I had to take it out on the poor meaningless tablet.”

Brady’s Bucs managed to escape with a win — their first in five regular-season matchups with New Orleans since he came to Tampa Bay — while the 45-year-old quarterback dodged discipline from the league despite two tablet incidents in the span of less than a year.

So, expect Brady to treat his technology more kindly in Week 3 when the Bucs face Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

Report: Tom Brady’s tablet-throwing antics prompted NFL-wide memo

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