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Our roots in Wrightsville, GA go back to 1963. Decade after decade, we’ve taken a small town common sense approach to building a business with a reputation for stability, service, and simplicity. Electro-Mech scoreboards reflect this attitude. We take pride in knowing that, in a subtle way, we are helping promote the character building aspects of athletic competition. It takes discipline and dedication, respect for your coaches and teammates, and a good dose of hard work to put points on a scoreboard. At Electro-Mech, we want to do our part to bring out the good sport in everyone!

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The Electro-Mech Difference

From humble beginnings in Georgia’s friendliest town, over the last 50 years Electro-Mech has established a nationwide reputation for delivering tough, dependable scoreboards with outstanding service at an exceptional value. We didn’t invent scoreboards. We didn’t mechanize scoreboards. We didn’t even revolutionize scoreboards. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and adaptable service team simply brings the highest level of professionalism, courtesy, and commitment to your game. Sports, community, and character are our core concerns.

When Electro-Mech hit the field in the early 1960s, toggle switches and stepper motors controlled scoreboard digits illuminated with fragile, costly incandescent light bulbs. Customizations consisted of just a few decorative elements. Since then scoreboard technology has come a long way, and Electro-Mech has kept the pace with our unique style of scoreboard design, sales, and manufacturing. Striving to outpace the industry in value and customer service, we deliver smart, affordable scoreboards tailored to our customers and their fans — with a generous helping of southern hospitality!

With competitive pricing and a wide range of products, Electro-Mech has the knowhow and experience to bring the awesome sensation of large professional sporting events to even the smallest schools and recreation departments. Our scoreboards cover the spectrum from nationally televised football on ESPN to the lowest scoring high school basketball game on record. No job is too big or too small. Speak with one of our sales coaches. We’ll do all that we can to make your next sporting venture a success!

Football Scoreboards

Football is a tough sport. It needs a tough scoreboard. Electro-Mech scoreboards are built to last — and to add character to your football stadium.

Baseball Scoreboards

For your baseball and softball needs, Electro-Mech covers the bases with a full line of scoreboards capable of displaying the detailed statistics important to coaches, players, and analysts or just the basic information that casual fans expect.

Basketball Scoreboards

When it comes to basketball, the choice of an Electro-Mech scoreboard is a slam-dunk. Our products run the gamut from basic to full-featured models incorporating player stats, center-hung four-sided arena models, and even multi-sport models for scoring volleyball and wrestling in addition to all the buzzer-beating action of your hoops games.

Soccer Scoreboards

If your goal is to score the best scoreboard for your soccer club, you can’t miss with Electro-Mech on your team.

Hockey Scoreboards

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Let Electro-Mech keep track of the shots you make!

Other Sports

Electro-Mech offers scoreboards with features for Softball, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Wrestling, and more.

Scoreboards – Sports Football Baseball Basketball – Outdoor Indoor Electronic

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