The Original Gorilla Bow


Fit an entire gym’s worth of equipment into any sized space. the GORILLA BOW gives you the flexibility of a complete full body workout, from the comfort of your living room.

Achieve the body of your dreams without ever having to leave the house!


Able to withstand up to 300lbs of tension, the Gorilla Bow is the only tool you need to workout your entire body and build the body of your dreams.

Lightweight and Portable

The Gorilla Bow only weighs 6lbs and can easily be stored in a travel bag (included in the total bundle!)

Workout from anywhere, anytime.

money in your pocket

The Gorilla Bow is the only tool you need to workout every muscle in your body. No need for costly gym memberships or expensive and cumbersome workout machines, the Gorilla Bow does it all.


Gorilla Bow resistance bands provide continious tension throughout the full range of motion.

The bow can handle up to 300lbs of tension, granting a rigorous training tool for even the most experienced lifter. The Gorilla Bow is the real deal.


Check out these before and afters from our customers

IMG_6418.jpg IMG_7955 (1).jpg Ryan Franson - After (1).jpg Ryan Franson - Before (1).jpg Untitled design (1).png Dr.StanleyGravelyPhD-before and after copy.jpeg

The Original Gorilla Bow

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